June 2, 2021
Amish Tea & Wedding Feast Fun! 
Tour Information
Per Person
1 Day

 (Wed) ~ Ohio’s 2nd largest Amish settlement is in the northeast corner of our state, and we’re off to enjoy some of the lovely delights offered there!  Tea & Sandwiches at Mary Miller’s, Buckeye Chocolate Store, Fig Tree Bulk Foods, Yoder’s Bargain Bin, Middlefield Swiss Cheese, and then a scrumptious Amish Wedding Feast to cap off a totally charming day. Call some friends – you’ll have a wonderful, joyful time, guaranteed! * $115

Please note: The following are TLC's general polices and procedures that cover all of our tours, so some of these may or may not be applicable to this particular tour.


On all overnight tours, we use a daily seat rotation. The first day of a trip, you choose your seat when you board, and rotate from there. We feel this is fair to all. If the coach is not full, a less formal rotation may be used at the Escort’s discretion. Persons traveling single or with uneven amounts in their group may need to sit with other like-travelers. We cannot guarantee that small groups will be seated together. We welcome single travelers, but the single rate does not include two seats on the coach. * We cannot accept doctor’s notes regarding requests to sit in the front seat/s. Please consider boarding at the first pickup location if your seat location is of concern. It is also recommended to see your doctor for motion sickness medication, if this should apply.


We make regular stops for restrooms and for the convenience of smokers; however, we have a NO SMOKING (or vaping) policy aboard all coaches. If someone violates the non-smoking policies of places we are staying or visiting while on tour, it is the sole responsibility of that person should there be any penalties and/or fines for not adhering to their rules and regulations. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at any time on the coach.


All of our tours use beautiful modern, deluxe wide-body motorcoaches from Campbell Bus Lines. Campbell has received the highest possible rating with the Dept. of Transportation. The motorcoaches are equipped with air-conditioning, reclining seats, public address system, DVD player, outlets for each passenger, and emergency restrooms. Our intent is for all overnight tours to be professionally escorted. Upon occasion, in order to avoid canceling a trip with a low passenger count, our Driver may serve both positions of Driver and Escort, and all are professionally trained to do so. ~ Also, on air trips with low passenger counts, we will not be able to provide an Escort from our company. However, once you arrive at your destination, a guide from our connecting company will be with you throughout the entire tour.

Lodging and Meals:

Your lodging is included on all overnight tours. All hotels are AAA rated. We never use second rate hotels, restaurants, or activities on any tour, to the best of our ability to make that determination. If you need two beds in your room, please state this when making your reservation. Generally, some meals are included on overnight trips (see individual tour inclusions); however, we cannot guarantee any special dietary requirements.

Border Crossings:

As of June 2009, a Passport or Passport Card is required for border crossings. Either of these travel documents may be obtained through your local courthouse. The Passport Card is limited but is sufficient for Canadian border crossings and is good for 10 years – it is also very easy to apply for. Your Driver and/or Escort will be asking to see one of these documents before boarding the coach for trips with this requirement. We cannot be responsible if you are unable to travel due to failure on your part to obtain the proper documentation. Please begin the process early enough to ensure that you will have it in time for your tour’s departure. Click here for for more information.


One suitcase per person is included in the price of your tour. You are also permitted a carry-on, which is your responsibility. Additional luggage may be transported at the cost of $10.00 per bag, per day. It is wise to travel light. Luggage tags are provided and required for hotel identification and are sent with the final letter and phone numbers of your hotels.

Medical Devices: 

Medical devices must be handled by you, the passenger.  They are either to be stored under your seat (not protruding out into the person’s space behind or in front of you), or if too large for that accommodation, they must be placed under the coach by you, and taken off at each place it’s needed by you.  It is not safe for a medical device to ride in an overhead compartment for multiple reasons, nor are our Drivers or hotel personnel allowed to handle it for safety and liability reasons.  If it needs to ride under the coach, please have it in a quality container (as small as possible) to assure it rides safely.

Taxes and Gratuities:

All taxes and gratuities for included meals and activities are included, unless otherwise mentioned by the Escort. Driver and Escort gratuities are not included in the price of your tour. The suggested rate for a “job well done” is a minimum of $4.00-$4.50 per person/ per day for the Tour Escort, and a minimum of $4.00-$4.50per person/per day for the Driver. We request that you express this on an individual basis and let the quality of service received be your guide.


All prices listed are per/person rates. On one day tours, full payment must be made with the reservation. For overnight tours, see “How To Make A Reservation”. Balance of an overnight tour is due 45 days prior to departure (unless otherwise stated/notified). Confirmation will be sent after we receive your deposit. Please call as soon as possible if you should decide not to go.

FYI:  About a week before your overnight trip departs, you will receive from our office a letter packet with updated itinerary, passenger list, departure and return times, luggage tags, hotel phone numbers, and other pertinent information.

1– Our intent is to have all our tours accompanied by one of our professional Escorts –  However, occasionally a low passenger count may make it necessary to send that tour out as “Driver Only” in an effort to ensure that the trip you wanted to go on does not have to be cancelled.  Please be assured our Tour Drivers are first-class professionals, capable of handling any trip we offer from beginning to end.  You will be in great hands and have a wonderful time!

2- Please Note – We’re truly sorry if we’ve canceled a trip that you wanted to go on.  Sometimes excellent trips with super itineraries are canceled when people wait ‘til the last minute to put in their reservation.  OUR monies are usually due at least 45 days ahead on regular trips, and sometimes 90 on certain ones.  If we don’t have enough signed up at that time, we have no choice but to cancel it.  Then when you call later, it’s already too late… and disappointing for us all!  Please help us and CALL EARLY – Thank you so much.

3- The information about trips on this website (funwithtlc.com) is complete.  It contains the same information that a paper flyer has.  However, if you prefer a paper flyer you can call for Fully Detailed Flyers for Most Trips of 3 Days or More. We’ll gladly send extras for you to pass along to your friends!  We will also happily send a Tour Book to anyone you feel would enjoy receiving one.


Up to 45 days prior to departure date, a full refund will be made. *Air and cruise tours, and some longer tours, may be different—be sure to ask for details when making your reservation. Tours including tickets also generally have earlier non-refundable dates. There are no refunds for cancellations made within 45 days prior to your departure date. However, we will do our best to recover as much as we can, but cannot guarantee anything including prepaid reservations and other costs that are non-refundable to us. There will be a $25.00 per/person charge for this service. There will be no refund, for any reason, for a “no-show” on the day of the tour.

Please Note: Refunds will be made by the same method you paid us, e.g., if you paid by credit card, the refund will be put back on that credit card. No exceptions.

TLC Tours offers a “Refund Protection Plan” for overnight tours that is available at our office at a minimal cost. It needs to be purchased when you book your trip. This insures you a full refund in case of:

  • A.) a death in your immediate family (requires a copy of death notice)
  • B.) personal illness (requires a doctor’s written note confirming you were too ill to travel)
  • C.) Exceptions would be made if an immediate family member’s serious illness necessitates you staying home but would still need confirmed by a doctor’s note. *Immediate family, in these situations, includes spouse, parents or children only.

Call our office for full details about TLC’s RPP. We encourage you to take advantage of the protection plan, or secure insurance on your own if you prefer “cancel for any reason” coverage. Our Refund Protection Plan is not available for Day Trips, nor are there any refunds for Day Trips, with a few exceptions.


TLC Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour that has not reached a minimum number of reservations. We always avoid changes and cancellations, if at all possible, as we realize the inconvenience to you, our valued customer. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse service to anyone, in our sole discretion. Any person may be dismissed from a tour at any time by the Tour Escort or Driver should their conduct be problematic in any way. No refund will be made, nor will any further responsibility be assumed by TLC Tours or anyone in their employment.


TLC Tours, LLC is insured. Campbell Bus Lines is registered and insured with the ICC. TLC Tours acts only as an agent. We are not responsible to any person for any loss of time or money due to a change or delay beyond our control. Nor are we responsible for non-performance by those we have contracted with. We reserve the right to change tour prices, inclusions, and itinerary, if so, dictated by circumstances beyond our control. We are not responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors. Any claims against TLC Tours must be made, in writing within 30 days of the trip.



We are so thankful that much of our country has ‘opened up’ and we are back to being able to travel freely, for those who desire to get out & about again.  While rejoicing over such good news, there are still a few things we must remain aware of that are listed below.  We believe these things are a very small price to pay to be “On the Road Again’! ~ Thank you for your gracious understanding and kind cooperation as we wisely embark on wonderful memory-making journeys together this year!

A- There are a few parts of the country that are still enforcing a mask mandate in their particular area. Please tuck a mask in your pocket just in case we should arrive somewhere and find out unexpectedly that we are required to wear one for entrance.  We continue to pledge to be good neighbors and help these establishments stay open by cooperating with whatever they are required to ask of us, and to do it with a good, kind spirit.  If you’re not in agreement with this, please refrain from traveling with us at this time.

B- At this writing, all the places we plan to visit are open for business. However, as mentioned above, that can change by the time we arrive.  Should there be some place that is not able to take us, we will do our very best to substitute an activity or attraction of an equal quality.  We just have to “go with the flow” again this year somewhat – but trust me, every single place we plan to visit WANTS to be open for us and will be doing everything they can to do so.

C- We ask that you take your own temperature before leaving home on the morning of Day One, and if you show any fever at all, please stay home. If you have additional/other symptoms that suggest Covid-19 or a variant, we ask that you please stay home.  If you have been around someone with Covid-19/variant, or highly suspected Covid-19/variant, we ask that you please follow the CDC guidelines according to their timeline, and possibly stay home.  Any of these methods are somewhat dependent on the “honor system”.  We trust that our upstanding TLC customers will “do the right thing” and not put anyone else at risk for contracting Covid or a variant on a TLC tour.

D- Should someone come down with Covid during or after their tour, we assume no responsibility or liability. We cannot control every minute of everyone’s day, nor can we control how people handle themselves when off the coach. We have done our very best to secure accommodations and venues that state the highest sanitation protocols to the best of their ability. If on tour you should come down with Covid-19 or a variant, or strongly suspect it, you would be responsible to quarantine yourself and arrange for transportation home when appropriate. — By traveling with us, you are agreeing that TLC Tours, LLC will not be held responsible for contracting Covid-19 or a variant, nor liable for any expenses involved in any way.

E- If you do need to cancel at the last-minute because of having covid/variant, being exposed to covid/variant, or suspecting a possible case of covid/variant, our normal cancellation policies apply, just as they would to any other last-minute illness that prevents you from going on a tour. See General Information/Refunds in this book.  Without insurance, there is no refund except what we might be able to get back from individual vendors on your behalf.  We highly suggest taking out either our in-house Refund Protection Policy, or another more comprehensive insurance plan of your own choosing.

Overall, please lovingly respect the concerns of others if they differ from yours. 

Some may have health issues that cause them to be more cautions than you may feel is necessary for yourself.

– Here’s the best plan: “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You!” –



(1) Every Campbell coach is completely disinfected before they depart for a trip. You can be assured that the bus that arrives to pick you up has been thoroughly cleaned with an environmentally friendly solution that is EPA-approved, and not diluted or mixed at our facilities.  The solution is rated on the EPA K-List that supersedes the current EPA suggestion for elimination of Corona Virus and has no harmful properties.  It has received the Green Seal certification.  The solution is applied with electrostatic sprayers to increase coverage to eliminate all pathogens on hard surfaces.

(2) We have upgraded all air filters and increased the frequency that we change the air filters on the coach to reduce contamination.  Our motor coaches refresh the air on the coach every five minutes, and combined with the upgraded filters, will reduce stale used air in the coach.

 (3) We have UV lights in our HVAC system to eliminate any airborne pathogens.

(4) Disinfecting wipes available for the Driver & Escort, and hand sanitizer on board for your use.

(5)  Should the situation regarding pandemic conditions rise during the year, we are prepared to increase the level of our procedures accordingly.











Ohio Departure Points:

Our departure points are as follows

  • Akron:  Home Depot, 2811 S. Arlington St, Akron – just down from the Walmart – park in the front corner behind Golden Corral
  • Canton:  Target parking lot behind Panda Express, 5584 Dressler Rd. NW – near Belden Village
  • Alliance:  The front parking area of Lowe’s, 2595 W. State St.

  • Salem:  Burger King on E. State St. (rear parking area)
  • Columbiana:   Our TLC Office at 44139 St. Rt. 14.

Other departure points may be established for groups of 10 or more if the itinerary and direction of travel permits. We reserve the right to change departures. Departures are arranged in the direction of travel, with last departure being the closest to the destination, for the convenience of all passengers.

Pennsylvania Departure Points;

*We may use smaller shuttle buses to make these pickups and will join the tour en route at a logical transfer point.

For Overnight Trips:

  • Slippery Rock:  Campbell Bus Lines, 258 Grove City Rd
  • Butler:  Ollie’s, 602 Moraine Pointe Plaza
  • Grove City:  County Market Plaza, 49 Pine Grove Square
  • Mercer:   Rodeway Inn, 835 Perry Hwy.
Call us today to make your reservation!

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes excellent trips with super itineraries are canceled when people wait ’til the last minute to put in their reservation. OUR monies are usually due at least 90 days ahead on “fly trips” and at least 45 days ahead on regular trips. If we don’t have enough signed up at that time, we have no choice but to cancel it. Then when you call later, it’s already too late… and disappointing for us all! Please help us and CALL EARLYThank you so much.

Tour Information
Per Person
1 Day
Call us today to make your reservation!

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